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Tasteavision is a website designed with the FOOD COMMUNITY in mind. Do you enjoy; Food Challenges, Beverages / Snacks & Food Reviews, Mukbangs, Cooking, Grilling & Baking DIY videos along with Vegan & Vegetarian Options?

That is what Tasteavision is all about! I want all Creators to feel free to showcase YOUR talent, AS YOU SEE FIT and all within one site where the growth is limitless and every category is FOOD RELATED!

Tasteavision is new and just as any other site begins; it has both learning curves and possibility but all the same we are growing! Many Creators both old and new are joining each week and showcasing the videos they have done either on their own and with their families.

I enjoy the fact that I am coming to learn about MANY of you that have BEEN doing your thing here on YouTube but never crossed my pages for whatever given reason and with each of you all sharing some AWESOME content on Tasteavision, there is not telling what comes next.

I am looking to incorporate a Collaboration Area where all Creators can figure it out together, as to what works best to make some cross collaboration efforts happen, vs shooting a thought out in the wind and hoping it works.

There is so much more to come! Thank you for watching this video. Regardless if you want to be part of Tasteavision or not, we appreciate any and all support and we will continue moving FORWARD!

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