The Suicide Hot Wing is the hottest wing you can get at the Bushnell Craft Brewing Company tap room. The sauce is made with ghost pepper, habanero pepper, horseradish and other things. The first three are the big ones.

So yes it was hot. It did start off with a good slight bite, saucy, semi-BBQ flavor and just slow-burned its way up from there. You do not taste the horseradish, which for me is perfect I don\’t really like that flavor of spice. They put just enough in so it sort of \”opens up you up\” for the other two peppers to give you maximum spice levels.

It was quite warm for me. As Derek and Eric told me, the last time they had it they were crying. Eric needed two cups of milk.

Now I can handle hot foods, my step-dad was a pepper-head. So eating it was no problem. My stomach, on the other hand, is more judgemental. Sometimes I can keep it down, such as the two shots of ghost pepper infused Everclear I\’ve had in the past. This time, nope, we are reversing gears… I puked. That part is not included in this video.

If you are into wings, hot or otherwise I suggest checking out the Bushnell Craft Brewing Company tap room. They have a \”Strawberry Hot Wing\” made with strawberry preserves and Cajun spices that it really damn good. The porter on tap is tasty too.

Bushnell Craft Brewing Company Tap Room

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