KFC® finally brings their Zinger™ Chicken Sandwich to the United States as Rob Lowe channels good \’ol Colonel Sanders to let everyone know about it! Can this International Sensation cast the same spell across the United States as it has around the rest of the world?! We shall see!

Featuring a Double-Breaded, Chicken Breast Fillet Fried to a Golden Brown, the Zinger™ Chicken Sandwich is then topped off with Lettuce and Mayonnaise and served on a Toasted Sesame Seed Bun.

Ian K swings by his local KFC® to give the New Zinger™ Chicken Sandwich a try! Just how Bomb Sexy was the KFC® Zinger™ Chicken Sandwich?! Only one way to find out, guys! Peep THIS Out!

KFC® – Finger Lickin\’ Good™
Website: https://www.kfc.com

\”Features a Double-Breaded, Chicken Breast Fillet Fried to a Golden Brown, and served with Lettuce and Mayonnaise on a Toasted Sesame Seed Bun.\” (Chew Boom)

If you’re looking for a spicy, crispy chicken sandwich worthy of the name Zinger™, then look no further, because it’s right here on the menu in the good ole US of A.


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KFC Corporation, based in Louisville, Kentucky, is one of the few brands in America that can boast a rich, decades-long history of success and innovation. It all started with one cook who created a soon-to-be world-famous recipe more than 70 years ago, a list of secret herbs and spices scratched out on the back of the door to his kitchen. That cook was Colonel Harland Sanders, of course, and now KFC is the world’s most popular chicken restaurant chain, specializing in that same Original Recipe® along with Extra Crispy™ chicken, home-style sides and buttermilk biscuits. There are more than 20,000 KFC outlets in 125 countries and territories around the world. And you know what? There’s still a cook in a kitchen in every last one of them, freshly preparing delicious, complete family meals at affordable prices.

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