\”IT FITS MY MACROS – Cajun Basil Pasta and Meatballs\” Meal of the day.

Eating good food doesn\’t mean you can\’t eat with flavor and fun; especially when it fits your macros!

This meal weighs in at less than 970 calories, with only 27 grams of fat.
Ingredients – Gardein Meatballs (3 servings)

– Macro Brand: Tomato and Basil pasta sauce (1 serving 125 grams)
– Vetta High Fibre Spaghetti (100 grams)
– White Button Mushrooms (15 medium)
– Brown onions (2 whole)
– Nutritional Yeast (20 grams)
– Master Foods Italian Herbs (1 TBSP)
– Master Foods Garlic and Herb Seasoning (no salt – 1 TBSP)
– Fresh Basil
– Non-stick Olive Oil spray

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