Welcome to Tasteavision.

This site has been designed for those of us that appreciate FOOD! We ask that every video submitted is FOOD related for all other videos will be removed from this site.

You will notice that once you go to publish your video to Tasteavision, it will now automatically be placed into pending for review and that is to ensure FOOD RELATED videos are being submitted and then your video will be live on this site.


 It is important to note that when you go to add your video from YouTube and or any other site to Tasteavision, be sure to use the FULL URL that is located at the top of your web browser and not the short link. If you use the short link, your video will not play and you will notice only a black box in its place. We truly want to see your content SHINE and so again, please be sure to use the FULL URL provided for your video.

Thank you for joining Tasteavision.



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